Quality Performance at lpm production a/s

At lpm production A/S, we emphasize quality in everything we do. We are ISO 9001 certified and have our own quality department. We work hard on a high repeatability in the production, which we can document in SPC measurement reports. We can check complex items, by using 3-D technology and hereby document the quality of the produced items. By appointment, we provide measurement reports to the customer.

Our washing machine, which is robotic, degreases all types of items with high efficiency, by using modified alcohol and vacuum technology. By using ultrasound and by means of special fixtures, it is possible to clean even very deep holes and threads to remove oil residues. The machine, which is the brand REK and provided by ABC Clean, is unique for degreasing.

 At lpm production A/S, it is a goal, that our quality performance to our customers is at least 98,5%. Our quality performance is a statistical calculation that shows the number of complaints compared to the number of delivered goods. We measure the past week, the past 13 weeks and the past 52 weeks.

 The chart below shows how we have performed the past 13 weeks. The blue graph shows performance in the specific weeks, the orange graph shows our goal, and the gray graph shows a moving average over 13 weeks.



Week 36
13 weeks moving average
52 weeks moving average